Essay about second language learning

Therefore, having adequate grammatical knowledge of L2 enables learners to create their own grammatically correct sentences and understand what they read or hear in L2 exactly. Learning a new language is not easy. Also, we can use radio, audio programmes and watching T.

Having good grammatical knowledge enables learners to achieve all of these skills. According to Akirathe grammatical knowledge relates to overall ability to use L2 in terms of four points: Furthermore, if you learn languages with similar roots learning one can help you learn the others take French, Spanish and Italian, for example.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language Essay

They are also more likely to become more sociable and confident as they get older when there is regular conversation that takes place at home.

It is the sense that if a person is not formally taught their native language, then they should be able to learn a second language without formal teaching as well Stein, By understanding this aspect, learners can differentiate speech sounds that make a difference in meaning, syllables structure, intonation pattern, and rhythmic patterns.

There are three main reasons for this: Students are opened to new ways of thinking and in the long run it will help them obtain jobs and acceptance into schools for the future.

Finally, people should learn additional languages because it helps with their mastery of their own language and it is proven to be good for the brain.

Others may say that if you are learning a foreign language,the accent tends to remain, however they say that mixing languages together in the same sentence is a normal and healthy phenomenon. According to Anderson in Mitchellthe grammatical knowledge is divided into two forms, namely declarative grammatical knowledge and procedural grammatical knowledge.

Sociolinguistic competence is when a student is able to speak using appropriate contexts both formal and information. Educating students early in a foreign language will benefit them because it increases their ability at problem solving, it gives them the capability to communicate with and accept people from other cultures, and it leads to a great performance on standardized tests.

It is also believed that students who have a strong aptitude for reading in their native language are more likely to succeed in learning a second language while those who struggle with their native language will have the same problems when learning the second.

If more people were multilingual, the world would ultimately be a happier and more prosperous place.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language Essay

This involves acquiring four major competencies, requiring integration of the verbal and nonverbal aspects of language as well as right and left hemisphere processing Sousa, Learning a second language opens up students to new cultures and teaches them to think globally. It is also important to know that English is no longer the dominant language in the business, medical, and technological worlds Stein, In the essay “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”, Richard Rodriguez shares his personal experience with learning English as a second language.

In his linguistic journey, the author feels a disconnect between Spanish, the language used at home by his Mexican immigrant parents, and English, the language used in the public world.

Learning a second language at an early age has a positive effect on intellectual growth and leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and improved listening skills (Redbord & Sachetti, ). SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION ESSAY Presented by: NAME: MEGA KURNIATI NIM: E1D CLASS: VI.C ENGLISH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINNING AND EDUCATION MATARAM UNIVERSITY THE DEVELOPMENT OF GRAMMATICAL KNOWLEDGE Grammatical knowledge is.

Jan 11,  · Please can you correct my essay? Learning A new language. Learning a new language is not easy. So when we want to learn the language, we should be confident and should not be shy. learning a second language means learning a new culture.

By chill out in forum General Language Discussions Replies: 17 Last Post: Sep, language. Learning a Second Language Acquiring a second language is a goal many adults set for themselves.

Learning a Second Language

Students have the ability to take foreign language courses early on in their education, but not many adults who attended school years ago had that option. Furthermore, if you learn languages with similar roots learning one can help you learn the others (take French, Spanish and Italian, for example).

Overall there can be no denying that learning languages is wholly positive for individuals and society and that it is highly important to know more than one language.

Essay about second language learning
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